Worst Mom Ever, the Return

January 17, 2013

Last Friday: C wakes up warm and coughing and crying about her throat hurting.  Throws up twice.  I stay home with her, but doctor can’t fit her in and she feels better midday.

This past Monday night: I feel “iffy” after dinner and by 7 pm I’m throwing up. AWFUL.  Stop by midnight, but up all night feeling awful.

This past Tuesday: drag my ass out of bed to go do sales.  C seems fine in the am.  I feel progressively worse all morning, even though I grab a little extra sleep, and am about to collapse in my car when the school calls at 10 am to tell me she’s running a fever in the nurse’s office.  Sean has to go get her.  Somehow I make it through my Newport NEws and Williamsburg sales and praise the lord, York County cancels.  I go home, barely acknowledge Sean and C, and pass out from 1-530 pm.

Yesterday: I stay home with C all day while she coughs and runs a fever and I work and work.  Neither of us able to fall asleep to nap.  I start feeling better in the afternoon.

Today: I need to get back to work.  We contemplate sending C to school but she’s running a fever and coughing just in a terrible way.  Sean stays with her.  I feel progressively better, but Sean calls mid-morning to report that he’s had her at the doctor (as we decided this morning) and she has pneumonia.  Nebulizer and antibiotics.  My poor baby!

Tonight: I go to Walgreens to get the prescriptions.  THEY’RE NOT THERE.  Apparently the doctor sent them in unsigned.  Walgreens called to let them know, spoke with someone who said they’d fix it at 3 pm, and the doctor’s office closed without fixing it.  I am livid.

Catherine went to bed on cough syrup though (which I did buy more of- kids’ Triaminic knocks her OUT) and I’ll get it tomorrow.

Tomorrow: Drop off kids, obtain medication, work out, 1030 sale, to work (all with C in tow and apparently in coming snow), then home early to do my conference call from home.  Collect more nasty messages from the school saying my child is absent.  I called them last Friday and still got this message.  Bite me.

I feel awful for not getting her to the doctor sooner.  She’s so meek and subdued.  My poor baby.


One Response to “Worst Mom Ever, the Return”

  1. Deb Warren said

    We sent a kid home on Monday with a fever of 104.5. turns out she has strep and the flu. Kid missed the whole week, running a fever. Teacher touched base with the Grandma (she lives with her), and then the Asst. Princ. comes in Fri to ask if she’s there. Um, no. Out with the flu and strep, fever of over 100. “Oh” he says, “we were talking to the truancy officer about her, and I was about to send out the report for her” What part of WE (THE SCHOOL) SENT HER HOME WITH A SUPER HIGH FEVER didn’t the guy get?? Geesh.

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