January 21, 2013

Dateline: early on MLK day.  The younger kids will be going to daycare today and we’re going to take C out shopping with us.  For now, we’re sitting around having some coffee.

Joe wakes up ANGRY AND HUNGRY.  Doesn’t want milk.  Screaming for food.  I get him a banana.  He eats it in two bites.  (The way that kid can consume a banana is terrifying.  Watch your fingers.)  He then looks around, walks up to Alice, and takes her banana and walks away.

Alice flips.  I take the banana back and give it to Alice and explain reasonably to Joe that he’s already had his and this one is hers, and he should respect property rights.  He nods and leaves her alone.  HAHA just kidding.  He freaks when I take it back and starts screaming in her direction.

He is trying VERY hard to say “banana” but it sounds like “ba ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH!”  I somewhat ignore this until I hear him suddenly quiet down.  I look over and see he’s walking in my direction, smiling, nose running, with a piece of string cheese clutched in his had.

Me: “Hey, you have cheese!  Let me open it for you.”

I open it and he stuffs it in his mouth.  I hear Sean start laughing, but it’s a solid 15 seconds until I hear Alice say, “Hey!  Where my cheese go?”

So nice to see those two developing a relationship, even if it’s somewhat one-sided.


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