A Story about Ear Piercing

February 23, 2013

No, I haven’t done it to the kids yet.

So I took C and R out today.  I’ve been craving Five Guys and heard a rumor there were My Little Pony leggings at H&M.  So we went out after groceries to Hampton Town Center.

They were super well-behaved.  Didn’t eat a ton.  Rachel likes peanuts and can crack the shells.  Up for walking around the outdoor mall even in the cold and drizzle.  Went into Claire’s just for fun, and there was a little girl there, probably between C’s age and R’s, getting her ears pierced.

She was with her mom.  One was done, and she was sort of whimpering about the other and it hurting.  (No real alarm, just nerves.)  She was really cute.  The girls were FASCINATED and walked right over.  I made a big deal of loudly telling them how impressed I was at the brave girl.

C went up to the piercer employee and said, “How do you do it?”

She turned around and lowered the piercing gun and put it right up where C could see the giant-ass needle.  Literally six inches from her face.  C’s eyes about bugged out of her head.



Had to hustle them out- didn’t need them scaring the little girl any more.  But they would not stop talking about it.  Very strong impression.

I remember at this age or a little older, begging to get my ears pierced.  I do not think I’ll be having that conversation with C anytime soon… probably not for R either.


One Response to “A Story about Ear Piercing”

  1. Deb Warren said

    Stupid Claire’s employee is stupid. Showing ANY kid a needle is moronic and makes her a prime contendor for the Darwin Award. Jeez. All she had to do was tell them, in an edited manner (meaning NON GRAPHIC) how it works…and most places pierce it with the earring anyway. Idiot.

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