Oscar Fashion

February 24, 2013

Above expectations:

  • Jennifer Aniston.  Wow.  The red.  She looked very much like herself but absolutely the best I’ve ever seen her.
  • Jennifer Garner.  Also a surprise (like Aniston) since she usually looks fine but meh.  But I loved the purple and the fluffy thing.
  • Stacey Kiebler.  Wow, has she classed it up.  My favorite of the metallics.
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones.  Didn’t expect much just because I haven’t seen her in a while, but she looked gorgeous.

Met expectations:

  • Halle Berry.  Always looks good.  Looked good.
  • Queen Latifah- and that’s a good thing in her case.  I liked her ponytail.
  • Charlize.  Of course.
  • Jessica Chastain.  I’m not really sure who she is or where she came from, but she was very classy but not extraordinary.
  • Adele.  I expected awful and matronly.  That’s what I got.
  • Helena Bonham Carter.  Crazy and unkempt.  Par for the course.
  • Sandra Bullock.  I’d like to see her try color someday.

Below expectations:

  • Anne Hathaway.  She’s been bugging lately.  The short cut makes her nose look huge.  The dress was harsh.  The cutouts on the back weren’t sexy because SHE isn’t sexy.
  • Kristen Chenowith.  Too much fake tan and eye makeup, and the hair was too harsh.  This makes me sad since I love her.
  • Reese.  It wasn’t bad, but not up to her usual standards.  The black band on it messed it up and the color wasn’t spectacular.
  • Naomi Watts.  WTF is that?

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