February 26, 2013

Alice has been refusing to go to bed lately.  And has figured out how to open her doorknob guard.  Sneaky.

Joe flipped out this morning when I set him at the table at daycare and walked away with the bananas for his sisters.  Not because I was leaving, because the bananas were.  What he didn’t notice is that I’d already peeled one ans set it in front of him.  I had to turn back, pick it up, and put it an inch from his face for him to notice it.  Once he did, he immediately stopped yelling, took it, and shoved it in his mouth.

Catherine’s birthday is in three days and her partyi is in 5 and I am worried about letting her down.

I caught Rachel up past her bedtime reading in her bed last night by the closet light.  I’m not sure how much she reads but she was very intent for a while.  I sort of like not knowing.


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