Kid updates

March 19, 2013

Catherine’s first tooth (bottom right center) is REALLY loose.  Sob sob, it feels like just yesterday she GOT that tooth!  There’s an actual gap widening between it and the next tooth (probably since the new one’s forcing its way in) and her gum is a bit swollen and painful.  I told her that won’t improve til she gets it out.  Sean has offered to pull it so she won’t let him near it.  Aww, just like my dad!

Rachel went with me Sunday morning to Sean’s half-marathon at the beach.  It was cold and very windy and she was a total trooper and good company.  Glad I took her.  Favorite part (besides seeing Sean) was watching the marathoners start.

Alice had an epic fit yesterday because I wouldn’t let her wear a dress she dropped in the toilet.  Oh, Alice.

Joe can now say Mama, Dada, NO, banana, uh oh, uh uh, vroom, bye bye, cup, and some semblance of his sisters’ names.  He’s so flipping cute and charming.  Can go upstairs but not down.  Still taking two GOOD LONG naps per day most days.


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