March 26, 2013

Alice knocked Joe off a bottom stair today.  I was furious.  Poor kid took a header.  I had warned her three times on her way down the stairs not to whack into him.  Guess how much she listened?

This was J’s second header in 12 hours.  Last night he fell on top of a sippy cup and gave himself a bloody nose.  He got promoted to Toddler yesterday, and his new word is “coat”.  When I picked him up today he went running for the coat rack.  In the wrong classroom.

Catherine is very bothered by the injustice of getting tasked with cleaning up most of the messes the girls make.  I just want them clean and it is too much trouble for me to divide it out, so R and A take terrible advantage of the fact that she’s the only one who listens and she gets stuck with it.  This is a longstanding problem I haven’t solved yet.

R fell into hysterics earlier when someone mentioned “pants” and didn’t want to leave school today until she’d hugged a boy named Justin four times.


One Response to “Updates”

  1. Deb Warren said

    I know you mentioned previously that you don’t want to reward them for cleaning up their own messes (doing the chores they should do anyway), but have you made a point to reward her for stepping up and dealing with the work she’s doing on their behalf (whether it’s coins for Sparkle Pig, a special day with Mommy, whatever)? Or just at some point tell her she’s finished cleaning HER mess and send her to do something else and make it clear that the other girls don’t get the option of doing the ‘whatever’ until they’ve done their jobs.
    Otherwise, I’d suggest just assigning specific chores to each child (which I thought I’d seen that you already do, if I’m not mistaken) and at that point if the other two girls are shirking, I’d honestly just offer C an incentive to go ahead if she’s taking care of those jobs anyway. That way she’s not so irritated, because if she’s going to do the extra work she’ll be getting rewarded for it, and the other two can’t gripe about it because THEY weren’t doing their work.
    I don’t know, just a thought.

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