March 29, 2013

Poop stories behind cut.  Not too terribly graphic though.

Was awakened this morning by darling little Rachel standing next to my bed touching my face, and saying sweetly… “Mommy, I pooped on the floor.”

What a way to wake up.

The good news is she made it to the bathroom and it wasn’t a bad cleanup.  The other good news is that my parents live here now and could take her for today rather than me sending her to daycare with my fingers crossed.  The last good news is that yesterday she threw up, so this was actually an improvement.

Um, same for Joe.  Except he still wears a diaper.  But WOW.  I realized this afternoon he was fighting sitting on my hip like he usually does.  When I changed his diaper I saw why.  BAD BAD BAD diaper rash… all over the part of his body which would bear the weight if he’s sitting against my hip.  Poor little baby balls.

Catherine’s tooth is still hanging in there.  AGH!

Alice is Alice.  She is delightful.  Lately if you tell her something good she actually starts vibrating with glee.

Tomorrow morning I’m taking everyone but Rachel to see Sean do a race in York County.  Rachel’s still with Mom and Dad.  Guess it works out well that I took ONLY Rachel to his last race.

The house is a mess, there is tons of laundry to do, and I have a giant-ass work project needing to be done THIS WEEKEND.  UGH.


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