April 1, 2013

Yesterday, on Easter, Catherine came up to me while I was sitting here at the computer to again show me her SUPER LOOSE tooth.  I was allowed to touch it if I promised not to pull, so I promised to only touch with one finger.  Can’t pull with one finger.

So I pushed instead.  Back and forth and out it came, into her lower lip.  She was sort of bracing herself and I pulled it out and told her.  Catherine, you just lost a tooth.

There was much excitement.  The new tooth is already coming in and very visible.  She couldn’t put it right under her pillow since she spent last night at Nana and Joe Bob’s house and the tooth fairy doesn’t come there, so she put it under her own pillow tonight.  The tooth fairy has left her $5.  She doesn’t know it yet.  I expect much more excitement.

Cute: Rachel was sleeping in bed with her tonight when the tooth fairy crept in.  Were they setting up an ambush?

In other news, Joe is now saying “Nana” to my mother as well as regards bananas, and Alice has been a handful lately.


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