Language Explosion

May 13, 2013

Joe went to Toddler class about a month ago.  Since then, his vocabulary has gone from probably 10 words to probably 50.  Some recent ones:

A bunch of body parts, including identifying eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, and toes.  (And head, which is my favorite, because he gets excited and whacks himself in the head.)

A shrug accompanied by a sound that means “Dont know” if you ask him where someone is who’s not in the room

Lola, kitty, Catherine, Rachel, Alice, Daddy, Mommy, Nana, Joe (probably his favorites are Mama, Daddy, Lola, and Alice)

Cup, milk, more, mine, all gone, water, cheese, bread


Sock, shoe

I have NOT heard him count yet, which is interesting because I remember 1-10 being some of Catherine’s very first words

Up and down (these are VERY big)

Some word that refers to his blanket (starts with a b, not sure what it actually is), bed

He hugs and kisses (hugging is very new) and loves to climb all over me.  VERY affectionate, maybe more than the girls were around this age?  Loves the cuddling.  But won’t sit still longer than a moment.

In other news, Catherine lost her second tooth (the other bottom center) and it was lost.  Possibly swallowed with a cookie.  Alice loves to sing lately and is super cute when she does.  And Rachel’s graduating preschool like, REALLY soon and Catherine’s teacher is stalking her.


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