Arrested Development, Season 4

May 30, 2013

Lots of spoilers here.  Don’t click through unless you’ve seen the entire thing.

Plot threads left dangling:

  • Who were the Guy Fawkes guys?
  • What happened to Lucille 2, and who was responsible?  I feel like there was some big plot, with maybe some clues throughout, I totally missed.
  • Lucille 2’s imaginary/fake/adopted son was Perfecto?  Why was he imaginary?  What was that whole story?
  • What’s going to come of Lindsey v. Sally in the election?  (And when will Sally’s secret be revealed?)
  • Is George Sr. becoming a woman?  Why?
  • What’s up with the dead mailman?
  • What’s up with the CIA and Imagine Entertainment?
  • What’s George Michael going to do about Fakeblock?  And George Michael v. Michael?
  • George Michael’s a dad?

There needs to be a movie or another season.

Things we never really saw that I expected to/hoped to:

  • Franklin
  • The banana stand
  • the Hot Cops
  • The wife of Gob, though I totally get why she wasn’t present
  • More model home shenanigans
  • I could do without Julia Louis-Dreyfus, but I would have liked to see Justice the blind dog
  • The loose seal

On the format: I liked it.  I am absolutely amazed at the achievement of writing and editing (and probably shooting with whichever cast members were available at whichever times, probably way out of order) that it took to put it together.  I wouldn’t call it a season of TV, though, I’d call it a miniseries or an extended movie.  Needs a rewatch because I think things will look totally different knowing the context, especially in the early episodes.  It’s like a movie with a twist ending where you want to go back and re-watch it knowing what you know, only there are a zillion twist endings.  I LOVE THAT SHIT.

Stuff I loved:

  • HERBERT LOVE.  First, I ❤ Herman Cain (and attractive bald Republican men generally).  Second, I ❤ Hector Mountain Dew Camacho.
  • Maeby.  She’s my current favorite character.  She needed another episode.
  • I’m glad Buster wasn’t overdone.  A little Buster goes a long way.
  • The scene with Sally Sitwell and Tony Wonder in bed.  EVERYTHING ABOUT THAT SCENE.  That whole episode was my favorite.  I love Gob.
  • Cinco de Cuatro.  Next year I will totally be having a Cinco de Cuatro party.
  • All the zillion cameos of random people
  • Steve Holt’s new look.  Realizing it was him was one of my favorite surprises of the season.
  • A reprise of “You’re a Crook, Captain Hook”
  • Showstealer Pro Trial Version
  • Bob Loblaw’s low blow
  • Young Lucille and George and Barry
  • Everything with Ann, especially her tricking Gob and Tony at the end.
  • Barry generally, and bringing back characters like Gene Parmesan, Kitty, Carl, the warden, and other barely-there people
  • Heavy use of Lucille 2.
  • The way it was all put together
  • Straight Bait
  • Chloe O’Brien
  • One millions subtle visual gags.  I feel like no opportunity was wasted.
  • P-Hound.  He was cute.
  • The George Michael in Spain sequence
  • The Real Asian Prison Housewives
  • I never realized before just how much Buster looks like his father.  And Steve Holt’s sort of starting to look like him too.

Stuff I was meh about or actively disliked:

  • Rebel Alley (she wasn’t interesting enough to me to get so much screentime.  Though I see why they needed her, as someone who was available to appear in a lot of storylines like Love.)
  • Ron Howard in person.  He was a dick.  Actually the whole Michael-as-producer storyline.
  • Tobias’s drug addict girlfriend and a lot (not all) of the Fantastic Four stuff
  • The use of forget-me-nows
  • Gob’s entourage
  • George Sr’s tipping practices
  • The sweat lodge stuff, except for Chloe O’Brien
  • Not enough Annyong or Lupe (glad we got a glimpse of both of them though)
  • Andy Richter and his family
  • Michael’s downturn.  I see where it came from and why and all that and it worked, but… I missed Michael being more together.  I miss capable happy Michael.

Stuff I actually felt emotional about:

  • Lindsay and Tobias.  They always had issues but seemed sort of stuck together.  I missed them together.  I missed everyone together.
  • Michael/George Michael.  Michael used to love him so much but Michael just… ugh.



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