Kid Updates

October 17, 2013

Down one more tooth!  C lost the front right top one today- actually, I pulled it out when she asked me to.  It wasn’t quite there but she was sure she wanted it out, so I twisted and wiggled until it came.  Pain.  Blood.  Drama.  Yelling.  Tears.  BUT she never closed her mouth to stop me.  She clearly wanted it out.  And then was THRILLED shortly afterward.  Doesn’t want to put it under her pillow tonight because she wants to show it to Rachel tomorrow before the tooth fairy gets it.

Per her teacher she is reading smack dab on 3rd grade level and is “a little bossy”.  Hah.

Rachel drew angry heart faces on C’s word paper from school.  It was hilarious.  C was offended.  R has learned to push her buttons.  Mostly by annoying her.  Which is funny until it gets annoying to me.  She also ran her first 5K this past weekend- I was so proud!  Eagerly awaiting her parent-teacher conference- I have a feeling it’s going to be all good.

Alice doesn’t want to go to bed and sleeps on the floor in the hallway these days.  She’s entering the f-you fours.  UGH.

Joe has thrown his first few two-year-old tantrums as well.  He’s still a couple weeks out but he’s starting to get very, “NO, Mama” and “I WANT THAT” and “MY whatever”.  But it’s cute.  He’s little.  He’ll get past it.  He’s still insanely charming.  I think he’s going to be a lot like Alice.  Just what I need: two youngest children!


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