Kid Updates

October 17, 2013

Down one more tooth!  C lost the front right top one today- actually, I pulled it out when she asked me to.  It wasn’t quite there but she was sure she wanted it out, so I twisted and wiggled until it came.  Pain.  Blood.  Drama.  Yelling.  Tears.  BUT she never closed her mouth to stop me.  She clearly wanted it out.  And then was THRILLED shortly afterward.  Doesn’t want to put it under her pillow tonight because she wants to show it to Rachel tomorrow before the tooth fairy gets it.

Per her teacher she is reading smack dab on 3rd grade level and is “a little bossy”.  Hah.

Rachel drew angry heart faces on C’s word paper from school.  It was hilarious.  C was offended.  R has learned to push her buttons.  Mostly by annoying her.  Which is funny until it gets annoying to me.  She also ran her first 5K this past weekend- I was so proud!  Eagerly awaiting her parent-teacher conference- I have a feeling it’s going to be all good.

Alice doesn’t want to go to bed and sleeps on the floor in the hallway these days.  She’s entering the f-you fours.  UGH.

Joe has thrown his first few two-year-old tantrums as well.  He’s still a couple weeks out but he’s starting to get very, “NO, Mama” and “I WANT THAT” and “MY whatever”.  But it’s cute.  He’s little.  He’ll get past it.  He’s still insanely charming.  I think he’s going to be a lot like Alice.  Just what I need: two youngest children!


Kid updates

October 9, 2013

Joe is frequently putting 2-3 words together.  “NO NO NO, Dada.”  “Mama shoes!”  That sort of thing.  His sisters are Tah-tih, Day-del, Lah-lih, and he calls himself Doe.  He says his own name more than I remember the girls saying theirs at this age, but I suppose his name is simpler.  He walks into school every day and hugs every lady he passes- usually Miss Shirley, the baby teacher, Miss Teresa the cafeteria lady, Miss Joyce the Magic Wizard, and Miss Bridget from K2.  His teacher, Miss Judy, says she wishes she had a class full of him, he’s such a sweetie.  He’s into the girls’ ponies and can say most of their names, but gets mostly excited about Spike “PIKE!” the dragon.  (He has two stuffed Spikes of his own.)  We’ve got to get him out of the crib before he climbs out- need to figure out the bed situation.  Loved swimming lessons with Joe Bob at the YMCA.

Alice- hitting the f-you fours, though we’ve strung together a few good days in a row.  Anything she doesn’t like, she whines really high and gets all anxiety/defiant/ignoring… it’s hard to explain.  She doesn’t tantrum often but when she does, it’s epic.  She is recently enjoying falling asleep on the hall floor outside her room and it’s best not to bother arguing.  I do best with Alice if I can make her want to do things… if you ask/tell her to do something and she resists at all, best to distract because she will dig in and escalate FAST.  But man, is she ever cute and charming and charismatic.

Rachel is blowing away kindergarten.  Consistent blue in behavior charts, no problem understanding anything, her teacher loves her.  I’m told she’s taken a little ESL girl named Emma under her wing and is helping her with everything.  Ms. Branch says she’s like Catherine in that she takes care of others, but C was more interested in justice for all while R is more mellow and caring.  (And of course quieter.)  She’s so sweet and cuddly, but is also sort of in a way the funniest of the kids.

Catherine is doing just fine in first grade.  We haven’t heard much so far but I know everything she has brought home is below her level.  We were asked to give permission to test her for the gifted program and did, but nothing yet on that.  She’s still such a people-pleaser and in particular seems sensitive to me complaining about having too much to do and wants to help.  Which makes me in turn feel guilty that I am so incapable that a 6yo feels responsible for helping.  I love her.  We recently had an evening date and the best part was taking her to a Sephora and seeing her face light up when she saw all the pretty colors and cool makeup.  She loved it.

Next weekend, Hog Jog.  Going to run the 5K with the older girls.

We had the animals at the vet lately.  The cat, at age 14, is in fine health.  The dog, at 9 or 10, is not.  She’s been sneezing blood and it looks very likely she has nasal cancer- there is effectively nothing we can do.  We’re planning on riding it out as long as she seems comfortable and happy, which she does at the present, but we’ll probably be letting her go before too long.

Poison Control

September 11, 2013

Add this to the list of milestone firsts.  We put the kids to bed.  Alice, as she is recently prone to do, laid down on the hallway floor with a pillow (minus case- she removes it every time I put it on), Pinkie Pie, and a Strawberry Shortcake book she’s been reading for about a solid two weeks.  I almost trip on her every time I walk by.

However, discovered that this time she was also holding a half-empty tube of toothpaste in one hand and the cap in the other.

This was a brand new tube tonight.

So…. I called poison control.  First time I’ve done that.  Turns out you need to eat 3-4 oz of it to do any harm (possible she did.  It’s a 7.5 oz tube, half empty).  But if she were going to have any problems, they would have been immediate (if she was asleep, this was a while ago) and would be obvious… she’d be throwing up, not sleeping peacefully on the floor.

All’s well that ends well.  Another point for Alice.

And School Begins

September 2, 2013

I’m way overdue for an update.  So I’ll try to go brief, youngest to oldest:

Joe: Talking like crazy.  Alice is called “lah-lah” and they’re all “sissah!”  Was sitting in a shopping cart today at Lowe’s, faceplanted into the handle, and somehow cut his upper gum and bled like a stuck pig, but hardly cried.  I was proud of the tough kid!  We are a totally baby-gate-free house as of about a month ago when I got comfortable with him going downstairs.  FINALLY.  Loves his toy Spike from My Little Pony.  Through a fortunate turn of events, he wound up with two Spikes, loves them both.  Still uses a tootsie at night and for nap at home but it’s not a big deal.  Loves to brush his teeth.  Loves toys and babies.  Gets excited when planes fly over and when he sees a light he likes he’ll point it out.  Interested in Superman.  Staying in Toddler class.

Alice: Starts K4 tomorrow with Miss Chae, who reminds us of… Alice.  Has a speech impediment we’ve narrowed down to using a “d” sound for “th” and eliminating or using a “w” sound for “r”.  Best example of both is how she refers to me as “Mudda!”  (For Mother.  I have no idea why it’s Mother instead of Mommy or Mom.)  Got bubble gum in her hair this weekend, fortunately not badly, but this led to all three of the girls getting a couple of inches trim.  She’s still curly and gorgeous.  She’s the bravest of the girls in the swimming pool, when my parents take her to the YMCA.

Rachel: Starts kindergarten tomorrow!  after a long saga, we did manage to get her into Ms. Branch’s class (C’s teacher from last year).  She’s a little nervous, I can sort of tell, but gave Ms. Branch a big hug at orientation and passed her screening with no problem.  She’s a smart cookie and reads more than C did at this time last year.  She’s still the quietest and mellowest of the four but has chosen “being super annoying” as her weapon to push Catherine’s buttons.  She also finds toilet humor more funny than her sisters do.  Heh.

Catherine: Starts first grade tomorrow with Ms. Morgan.  Very helpful and people-pleasing still. It’s a story about her which prompted this post- we were walking through the mall today past a piercing/jewelry kiosk and Sean jokingly asked Alice if she wanted a piercing.  (Alice, of course, said “YEAH!”)  I noted that she was a little young and suddenly Catherine jumped in and said, “I want my ears pierced!”  Sean and I had both more or less agreed we were fine with it whenever she asked, but she’s so spooked of needles I thought it would be forever.  I was impressed with her “bravery”, so we went and asked a few questions, waited around… and did it!  She yelped at the first side, then sort of whimpered and held my hand to do the other side, but it really wasn’t her normal drama.

They’re metallic pink with a little jewel and look very cute and I am super proud of her.  She’s been basking ever since and talking on and on about how to care for them.  I think this may usher in a new era of hand washing in our house.

Language Explosion

May 13, 2013

Joe went to Toddler class about a month ago.  Since then, his vocabulary has gone from probably 10 words to probably 50.  Some recent ones:

A bunch of body parts, including identifying eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, and toes.  (And head, which is my favorite, because he gets excited and whacks himself in the head.)

A shrug accompanied by a sound that means “Dont know” if you ask him where someone is who’s not in the room

Lola, kitty, Catherine, Rachel, Alice, Daddy, Mommy, Nana, Joe (probably his favorites are Mama, Daddy, Lola, and Alice)

Cup, milk, more, mine, all gone, water, cheese, bread


Sock, shoe

I have NOT heard him count yet, which is interesting because I remember 1-10 being some of Catherine’s very first words

Up and down (these are VERY big)

Some word that refers to his blanket (starts with a b, not sure what it actually is), bed

He hugs and kisses (hugging is very new) and loves to climb all over me.  VERY affectionate, maybe more than the girls were around this age?  Loves the cuddling.  But won’t sit still longer than a moment.

In other news, Catherine lost her second tooth (the other bottom center) and it was lost.  Possibly swallowed with a cookie.  Alice loves to sing lately and is super cute when she does.  And Rachel’s graduating preschool like, REALLY soon and Catherine’s teacher is stalking her.


April 1, 2013

Yesterday, on Easter, Catherine came up to me while I was sitting here at the computer to again show me her SUPER LOOSE tooth.  I was allowed to touch it if I promised not to pull, so I promised to only touch with one finger.  Can’t pull with one finger.

So I pushed instead.  Back and forth and out it came, into her lower lip.  She was sort of bracing herself and I pulled it out and told her.  Catherine, you just lost a tooth.

There was much excitement.  The new tooth is already coming in and very visible.  She couldn’t put it right under her pillow since she spent last night at Nana and Joe Bob’s house and the tooth fairy doesn’t come there, so she put it under her own pillow tonight.  The tooth fairy has left her $5.  She doesn’t know it yet.  I expect much more excitement.

Cute: Rachel was sleeping in bed with her tonight when the tooth fairy crept in.  Were they setting up an ambush?

In other news, Joe is now saying “Nana” to my mother as well as regards bananas, and Alice has been a handful lately.


March 29, 2013

Poop stories behind cut.  Not too terribly graphic though.

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March 26, 2013

Alice knocked Joe off a bottom stair today.  I was furious.  Poor kid took a header.  I had warned her three times on her way down the stairs not to whack into him.  Guess how much she listened?

This was J’s second header in 12 hours.  Last night he fell on top of a sippy cup and gave himself a bloody nose.  He got promoted to Toddler yesterday, and his new word is “coat”.  When I picked him up today he went running for the coat rack.  In the wrong classroom.

Catherine is very bothered by the injustice of getting tasked with cleaning up most of the messes the girls make.  I just want them clean and it is too much trouble for me to divide it out, so R and A take terrible advantage of the fact that she’s the only one who listens and she gets stuck with it.  This is a longstanding problem I haven’t solved yet.

R fell into hysterics earlier when someone mentioned “pants” and didn’t want to leave school today until she’d hugged a boy named Justin four times.

Kid updates

March 19, 2013

Catherine’s first tooth (bottom right center) is REALLY loose.  Sob sob, it feels like just yesterday she GOT that tooth!  There’s an actual gap widening between it and the next tooth (probably since the new one’s forcing its way in) and her gum is a bit swollen and painful.  I told her that won’t improve til she gets it out.  Sean has offered to pull it so she won’t let him near it.  Aww, just like my dad!

Rachel went with me Sunday morning to Sean’s half-marathon at the beach.  It was cold and very windy and she was a total trooper and good company.  Glad I took her.  Favorite part (besides seeing Sean) was watching the marathoners start.

Alice had an epic fit yesterday because I wouldn’t let her wear a dress she dropped in the toilet.  Oh, Alice.

Joe can now say Mama, Dada, NO, banana, uh oh, uh uh, vroom, bye bye, cup, and some semblance of his sisters’ names.  He’s so flipping cute and charming.  Can go upstairs but not down.  Still taking two GOOD LONG naps per day most days.

Carrollton Corral

March 13, 2013

Notable for:

1) My correct prediction that it was all a PTA cult drive to get us to sign stuff and give money and join the PTA RESISTANCE IS FUTILE WE ARE PTA YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED.

2) That said, the kids were adorable in their jeans and bandanas and cowboy hats, and Catherine looked for us frantically, and then saw us and started literally quivering with excitement, jumping up and down and waving.  She was about the most excited kid on that stage, or at least the worst one at holding still.  It was very cute.

3) They sang a bunch of Western songs including “Deep in the Heart of Texas” (Alice loved clapping along), “Don’t Fence Me In”, and “Happy Trails”.

4) Mid-song, Catherine extracted herself from the group of 100+ kids and went to the front of the stage, said something to her teacher, hopped off the stage and was led out a side exit.  I hopped up and went running after her, wondering if she was sick or something.  Nope.  She had to go potty REALLY REALLY BAD.  ONLY MY KID.  Not one other kid moved from their place during this concert.  I am so saving this for her 16th birthday.

5) I actually recognized people, including her friend Katie and Katie’s family and some of the kids and parents from her birthday party.

6) Rachel loved it and is counting the minutes until she goes to kindergarten.

7) Joe would not sit still, thrashed about the entire time, wanted down, wanted up, wanted his own chair, wanted to kick me in the face, but also spent the entire time charming the socks off the two elderly ladies behind us.