Kid updates

October 9, 2013

Joe is frequently putting 2-3 words together.  “NO NO NO, Dada.”  “Mama shoes!”  That sort of thing.  His sisters are Tah-tih, Day-del, Lah-lih, and he calls himself Doe.  He says his own name more than I remember the girls saying theirs at this age, but I suppose his name is simpler.  He walks into school every day and hugs every lady he passes- usually Miss Shirley, the baby teacher, Miss Teresa the cafeteria lady, Miss Joyce the Magic Wizard, and Miss Bridget from K2.  His teacher, Miss Judy, says she wishes she had a class full of him, he’s such a sweetie.  He’s into the girls’ ponies and can say most of their names, but gets mostly excited about Spike “PIKE!” the dragon.  (He has two stuffed Spikes of his own.)  We’ve got to get him out of the crib before he climbs out- need to figure out the bed situation.  Loved swimming lessons with Joe Bob at the YMCA.

Alice- hitting the f-you fours, though we’ve strung together a few good days in a row.  Anything she doesn’t like, she whines really high and gets all anxiety/defiant/ignoring… it’s hard to explain.  She doesn’t tantrum often but when she does, it’s epic.  She is recently enjoying falling asleep on the hall floor outside her room and it’s best not to bother arguing.  I do best with Alice if I can make her want to do things… if you ask/tell her to do something and she resists at all, best to distract because she will dig in and escalate FAST.  But man, is she ever cute and charming and charismatic.

Rachel is blowing away kindergarten.  Consistent blue in behavior charts, no problem understanding anything, her teacher loves her.  I’m told she’s taken a little ESL girl named Emma under her wing and is helping her with everything.  Ms. Branch says she’s like Catherine in that she takes care of others, but C was more interested in justice for all while R is more mellow and caring.  (And of course quieter.)  She’s so sweet and cuddly, but is also sort of in a way the funniest of the kids.

Catherine is doing just fine in first grade.  We haven’t heard much so far but I know everything she has brought home is below her level.  We were asked to give permission to test her for the gifted program and did, but nothing yet on that.  She’s still such a people-pleaser and in particular seems sensitive to me complaining about having too much to do and wants to help.  Which makes me in turn feel guilty that I am so incapable that a 6yo feels responsible for helping.  I love her.  We recently had an evening date and the best part was taking her to a Sephora and seeing her face light up when she saw all the pretty colors and cool makeup.  She loved it.

Next weekend, Hog Jog.  Going to run the 5K with the older girls.

We had the animals at the vet lately.  The cat, at age 14, is in fine health.  The dog, at 9 or 10, is not.  She’s been sneezing blood and it looks very likely she has nasal cancer- there is effectively nothing we can do.  We’re planning on riding it out as long as she seems comfortable and happy, which she does at the present, but we’ll probably be letting her go before too long.



March 29, 2013

Poop stories behind cut.  Not too terribly graphic though.

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Worst Mom Ever, the Return

January 17, 2013

Last Friday: C wakes up warm and coughing and crying about her throat hurting.  Throws up twice.  I stay home with her, but doctor can’t fit her in and she feels better midday.

This past Monday night: I feel “iffy” after dinner and by 7 pm I’m throwing up. AWFUL.  Stop by midnight, but up all night feeling awful.

This past Tuesday: drag my ass out of bed to go do sales.  C seems fine in the am.  I feel progressively worse all morning, even though I grab a little extra sleep, and am about to collapse in my car when the school calls at 10 am to tell me she’s running a fever in the nurse’s office.  Sean has to go get her.  Somehow I make it through my Newport NEws and Williamsburg sales and praise the lord, York County cancels.  I go home, barely acknowledge Sean and C, and pass out from 1-530 pm.

Yesterday: I stay home with C all day while she coughs and runs a fever and I work and work.  Neither of us able to fall asleep to nap.  I start feeling better in the afternoon.

Today: I need to get back to work.  We contemplate sending C to school but she’s running a fever and coughing just in a terrible way.  Sean stays with her.  I feel progressively better, but Sean calls mid-morning to report that he’s had her at the doctor (as we decided this morning) and she has pneumonia.  Nebulizer and antibiotics.  My poor baby!

Tonight: I go to Walgreens to get the prescriptions.  THEY’RE NOT THERE.  Apparently the doctor sent them in unsigned.  Walgreens called to let them know, spoke with someone who said they’d fix it at 3 pm, and the doctor’s office closed without fixing it.  I am livid.

Catherine went to bed on cough syrup though (which I did buy more of- kids’ Triaminic knocks her OUT) and I’ll get it tomorrow.

Tomorrow: Drop off kids, obtain medication, work out, 1030 sale, to work (all with C in tow and apparently in coming snow), then home early to do my conference call from home.  Collect more nasty messages from the school saying my child is absent.  I called them last Friday and still got this message.  Bite me.

I feel awful for not getting her to the doctor sooner.  She’s so meek and subdued.  My poor baby.


December 12, 2012

20 lunges, 20 situps, 20 pushups (mine was mostly plank, though I managed 2-5 knee pushups each round), 20 squats- AMRP in 20 min.  I did just barely under 6 rounds.  Sweating.

Prednisone has me up in weight, I think- I’ve actually been pretty good for the past week and I’m still over 130.  (Yes, might as well use actual numbers- this blog is mostly for me).  Goal is to hover back around 118-122 like when I was nursing, though I’m open to being over that if I’m more muscle… but either way I want to burn some fat off.

Crossfit seems to go along with a lot of people following a paleo diet.  I never would.  But it probably is good to have that in my head and lean more towards meat/vegetables and away from grain/dairy…. especially away from the amount of cheese I eat.

Crossfit At Home

December 11, 2012

The new gym in my neighborhood’s too expensive for me to sign up.  Seriously a lot for out in the sticks.  So I’m going to their Saturday free workout, and for now I’m going to give working out at home a shot doing Crossfit WOD’s.

Today: 10 Rounds – 10 air squats, 10 pushups, 10 situps, 10 dips (completed in 20:53).  My arms are jelly.  I couldn’t do real pushups after the first round, couldn’t do knee pushups after the third round, and went to a long 10 count for a plank instead.  The dips were pretty pathetic later on as well.  I’m good at squats.

For reference later:

My plantar fasciitis is again under treatment.  This time prednisone, about a 2-week round.  Need new (stability) running shoes and need to wear something with support around the house.  I bought old lady slippers and put soft inserts in them.  At least I can make myself wear that- I can’t wear shoes around the house if you hold a gun to my head.  Keeping on the stretching, exercises, ice, golf ball rolling, mostly at work under my desk.

Crossfit’s fine as long as I’m not banging on my foot.  I’ve been sedentary for a couple weeks because I’m pissed about not being able to run but I’ve got to do something even if it’s (as Sean put it) “calisthenics” in the frog.  Not as much fun as working out at the Crossfit gym though.  The people are really nice.  But gotta do what I’ve gotta do.  And that’s concentrate on fitness generally until I can run again so getting back to it isn’t as much a shock to my system.  The goal is to start easing back in around Christmas/New Year so I can start training for the Shamrock in March.

(Other goal: look hot in the My Little Pony gear Sean bought me for Christmas.)

Some kid updates

August 15, 2012

C: STARTING KINDERGARTEN in just a couple weeks!  She’s been pretty good lately though we’ve been having some trouble with smugness.  Two typical examples.

Me: Rachel, time to brush your teeth.  RACHEL!  GET ON IT.  C: Mommy, I’M brushing my teeth.  I’m being a good girl, right?

Me: Okay, C, you finished dinner and can have a cookie.  (Not mentioning the other two girls did not.)  C: MMMMM!  THIS IS THE BEST COOKIE EVER!  IT’S SCUMPTIONS!  (Scrumptious, I think.  This came out of her mouth this morning.)

Still super obsessive about treats and candy.  A people-pleaser, or means to be.  Has the memory of a goldfish, still, though, and just doesn’t THINK a lot of the time.  But oh so sweet, and clearly loves me a ton.  Every night asks if she can tuck me in, even though I’ve only let her a few times, ever.  Interested in doing jobs to make money for her bank.

R: Is 4.  4 is a bit rough.  Probably the easiest one to fall apart if something doesn’t go her way.  Likes to get up in my face and Joe’s, a lot.  Currently my pickiest eater.  Hates cleanup time and takes advantage of the fact that C knows what to do.  I’m starting to assign cleanup jobs instead and tell them they each have to do something… and if C does R’s work to finish it out, C gets paid (and smug).

She has a bit of a delicate look and is more mellow than either of her sisters.  Less high-energy zoom-everywhere.  On her own, not prone to getting riled up and will sit quietly and read or play with her computer.

A: So.  Damn.  Happy.  The only times she gets upset are (a) bedtime and (b) when wiping in the more remote areas requiring wiping during a diaper change.  Everyone who meets this kid or even hears about her thinks she’s fantastic.  Yes, spunk.  But DEAR GOD GIRL GET POTTY TRAINED.  PLEASE.  I’m also worried about her being a bit wild… and like R, but more so, taking advantage of the responsible older sister.

J: Down to nursing twice a day- morning and evening, and sometimes during the day on weekends.  Formula during the day at school, though we have a bit of frozen breastmilk to use up.  Not pumping and bottlemaking… I feel like I’ve got MORE TIME!  (I do.  But it really is apparent.)  He eats about everything and we walk into school at the morning and he looks straight over at Miss Shirley for food.

He cut another tooth- bottom, to the left of the center 2 (this past week).  I’m still not sure what’s up with his freaky shark fang tooth.  I’ll have the doctor take a look at his appointment next Wednesday, but Haley will see him before then anyway.

He’s happy and cuddly and delightful and starting to cruise, but still doesn’t crawl.  Man, can he flop forward quickly though!  He cracks up if I bury my face in his tummy.  He’s much more a hair-grabber than his sisters were.  Ouch.


I Don’t Know Either!

July 31, 2012

Alice’s favorite phrases:

  • I don’t know either!  (pronounced EE-ver)  Apparently if she doesn’t know something, everyone else must have already given up.
  • Anything about the my little ponies.  If you ask her who her favorite pony is, she’ll say, “Pinkie Pie!”  (And if you say, “Where’s Pinkie Pie?” she’ll immediately cover her eyes, then pop out grinning manically and go, “Hereshe is!”  She will also list the other ponies: Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity (she usually forgets Twilight Sparkle), and Princess Celestia.  That last one’s quite a mouthful for her.
  • Mommy/Daddy, I need to talk to you!  (“I neeta taktaya!”)  Often said to get our attention in the car.  Picked it up from her sisters.  Doesn’t really need to SAY anything, just needs us to know she needs to talk to us.

Has had impetigo a couple times recently, which really freaked me out at first- giant red bumps out of nowhere.  Doctor had us try Bacitracin on it to see if it would clear up and turns out it did.  Good thing, because now she has it in two more locations.  (Arms and legs?)  Doesn’t itch, doesn’t hurt, she doesn’t even notice it (honeybadger don’t care), but when I asked her about her boo boo today, she immediately put on a gigantically dramatic face and said, “IT HURT!”

Wants to go potty.  I put her on.  She doesn’t do anything.  Repeat ad infinitum.  I am thinking of trying to find those pullups that feel cold when wet, because she absolutely does not care how dirty or wet she is.  Likes to sit there but hasn’t done anything even by chance in months and months.

SO DAMN GOOD NATURED until you tell her to do something (like go to bed) she doesn’t want to do.  Doesn’t happen much, but man can she kick.
Still throws fewer tantrums than the average 2-year-old for sure, though.

Is ridiculous pretty with the curls and big blue eyes, and (might just be me who can tell) is starting to thin out a bit and look less toddlerlike at last.

Doesn’t give actual kisses still.  Puts her lips on your cheek and goes, “MMMMMAH!”

Currently working on dressing and undressing self.  I am SURE Rachel could do so at this age and Catherine too, and I’m sure she could if she wanted to.  She’s starting with socks and shoes and is very proud when she manages.

Thoughts for Tuesday

July 17, 2012

Everything’s in summary form lately.  Sign of a highly scattered mind.

* C and R are visiting Grammy and Grandpa at the beach for the week.  Things are so much more peaceful and easy with only two kids in the house.  I miss them though, especially hearing them talk- the thing Joe doesn’t do at all and Alice does, but not in extended conversation format.

*Got to see an old work friend today, which was fun.  Caught up on gossip.

*I am SO ENJOYING Jem on Netflix.  BEST CARTOON EVAR.  I want to do little summaries of the episodes here and am brainstorming categories.  Am I missing any?

  • What were the Holograms up to?
  • What were the Misfits and Eric up to?
  • Did they go anywhere?
  • How do we know we’re in the 80s?
  • Did any of the non-lead Holograms or Misfits get character development?
  • Any extra special guest stars?
  • Best line?
  • Comments?

*Joe’s pulling up on stuff!  Four teeth in!  Eats everything.

*Alice suddenly got a bunch of giant bumps on the backs of her arms.  OUCH looking, but she’s not complaining.  Thankfully, we’ve got a diagnosis of “not spider bites”.  Maybe impetigo.  Maybe MRSA.  (FABULOUS).  We’ll see.  Why does this stuff happen to her?

*I ate crap tonight after being back on the wagon for a few days.  I need to get it in gear, especially since it’s not long until I’m done nursing.  A few days til my race and then a couple weeks rest off running.  Bah, but probably good for me.

*Planning R’s birthday at Chuck E Cheese.  dilemma: to do invites, I need set time and day.  But to reserve time and day at CEC, I need a number of people.

Plan was:

  • Beaufort 10K in a week and a half
  • 8K Mud Run in August
  • Rock and Roll half-marathon in September (my goal race- to do in 2 hrs- on a training plan leading up to this now)
  • … something else?
  • Possibly November half marathon
  • Christmastown Dash 8K in December at Busch Gardens

Plantar fasciitis is bugging me, though, and I keep hearing I need to actually take some solid time off to really fix it.  So this is the new plan.

  • Take it easy for a week
  • Beaufort 10K in a week and a half
  • Two solid weeks off running.  Jillian Michaels only, as much as I can handle.  Ice.  Ibuprofen.  Stretching.
  • Easy running for a week or so
  • 8K Mud Run
  • Restart training plan for half-marathon
  • Run Rock and Roll half-marathon as a training run, running with Sean
  • Have half-marathon plan continue up to Crawlin’ Crab half-marathon in October
  • Something in November.  5K maybe?
  • 8K Christmastown Dash in December

Looking forward to running the RnR with Sean.  Planning to dress up a little bit… also, probably good to have my goal race be the October one.  Probably better weather.



Baby Three-Teeth

June 14, 2012

Sean discovered J’s third tooth yesterday- top center right.  Yay, he can bite now!

AND he ran a fever all day today at school.  Low-grade and they bought my theory that it was just teething, so I didn’t have to get him.  We’ll see how tonight goes, he was fine this afternoon though a little sleepy.

He can scoot across a room FAST.