And School Begins

September 2, 2013

I’m way overdue for an update.  So I’ll try to go brief, youngest to oldest:

Joe: Talking like crazy.  Alice is called “lah-lah” and they’re all “sissah!”  Was sitting in a shopping cart today at Lowe’s, faceplanted into the handle, and somehow cut his upper gum and bled like a stuck pig, but hardly cried.  I was proud of the tough kid!  We are a totally baby-gate-free house as of about a month ago when I got comfortable with him going downstairs.  FINALLY.  Loves his toy Spike from My Little Pony.  Through a fortunate turn of events, he wound up with two Spikes, loves them both.  Still uses a tootsie at night and for nap at home but it’s not a big deal.  Loves to brush his teeth.  Loves toys and babies.  Gets excited when planes fly over and when he sees a light he likes he’ll point it out.  Interested in Superman.  Staying in Toddler class.

Alice: Starts K4 tomorrow with Miss Chae, who reminds us of… Alice.  Has a speech impediment we’ve narrowed down to using a “d” sound for “th” and eliminating or using a “w” sound for “r”.  Best example of both is how she refers to me as “Mudda!”  (For Mother.  I have no idea why it’s Mother instead of Mommy or Mom.)  Got bubble gum in her hair this weekend, fortunately not badly, but this led to all three of the girls getting a couple of inches trim.  She’s still curly and gorgeous.  She’s the bravest of the girls in the swimming pool, when my parents take her to the YMCA.

Rachel: Starts kindergarten tomorrow!  after a long saga, we did manage to get her into Ms. Branch’s class (C’s teacher from last year).  She’s a little nervous, I can sort of tell, but gave Ms. Branch a big hug at orientation and passed her screening with no problem.  She’s a smart cookie and reads more than C did at this time last year.  She’s still the quietest and mellowest of the four but has chosen “being super annoying” as her weapon to push Catherine’s buttons.  She also finds toilet humor more funny than her sisters do.  Heh.

Catherine: Starts first grade tomorrow with Ms. Morgan.  Very helpful and people-pleasing still. It’s a story about her which prompted this post- we were walking through the mall today past a piercing/jewelry kiosk and Sean jokingly asked Alice if she wanted a piercing.  (Alice, of course, said “YEAH!”)  I noted that she was a little young and suddenly Catherine jumped in and said, “I want my ears pierced!”  Sean and I had both more or less agreed we were fine with it whenever she asked, but she’s so spooked of needles I thought it would be forever.  I was impressed with her “bravery”, so we went and asked a few questions, waited around… and did it!  She yelped at the first side, then sort of whimpered and held my hand to do the other side, but it really wasn’t her normal drama.

They’re metallic pink with a little jewel and look very cute and I am super proud of her.  She’s been basking ever since and talking on and on about how to care for them.  I think this may usher in a new era of hand washing in our house.


Joe randomly pointed to a picture of a dog and said “oof oof”.

Me, curiously: “Joe… what would a kitty say?”

Joe: “eeeeowwww” Me: “Joe, what would a cow say?”


Me: “What other animal…”

Joe: “Uck.” Me: “What would that say?”

Joe: “ACK ACK!”

I LOVE it when they surprise me with something like this.  I also got a marginal horse noise out of him that sounded like a laugh.  He also knows yellow.  And also can say blue, orange, purple, and pink…. but liked to call everything “ello”.

SO SO CUTE.  All tonight.  I love these surprises.  Right up there when I realized that C’s rhythmic babble was the pledge of allegiance or when Alice was counting to 10 in Spanish.

He also happily slid down the waterslide yesterday all by himself- he’s going up the ladder and down the slide on the climber- and he’s starting to willingly mix it up with the girls.  He, and the rest of them, will also sit quietly and watch Catherine use her new computer.

Oh, Catherine can e-mail.  A selection of her e-mails over the last few days:

i  love you mom. you are the best

i love you mom. love catherine








i love you. you are the best. i love you mom. i love you dad. i love you rachel. i love you alice.  i love you joe. love catherine

can i have a hug and kiss mommy derpy. love catherine   xoxo

i love you. i love mom. i love you dad. i love you joe. i do a lot of math at school. i love you mom. love catherine


January 21, 2013

Dateline: early on MLK day.  The younger kids will be going to daycare today and we’re going to take C out shopping with us.  For now, we’re sitting around having some coffee.

Joe wakes up ANGRY AND HUNGRY.  Doesn’t want milk.  Screaming for food.  I get him a banana.  He eats it in two bites.  (The way that kid can consume a banana is terrifying.  Watch your fingers.)  He then looks around, walks up to Alice, and takes her banana and walks away.

Alice flips.  I take the banana back and give it to Alice and explain reasonably to Joe that he’s already had his and this one is hers, and he should respect property rights.  He nods and leaves her alone.  HAHA just kidding.  He freaks when I take it back and starts screaming in her direction.

He is trying VERY hard to say “banana” but it sounds like “ba ARRRRRRRRRRRRGH!”  I somewhat ignore this until I hear him suddenly quiet down.  I look over and see he’s walking in my direction, smiling, nose running, with a piece of string cheese clutched in his had.

Me: “Hey, you have cheese!  Let me open it for you.”

I open it and he stuffs it in his mouth.  I hear Sean start laughing, but it’s a solid 15 seconds until I hear Alice say, “Hey!  Where my cheese go?”

So nice to see those two developing a relationship, even if it’s somewhat one-sided.

Alice the Astonomer

October 25, 2012

We’re in the tub, taking a bath, and suddenly Alice says, “THE MOON!”

I can’t possibly describe how cute this is.  Very bubbly little voice and very excited.

Me: “Where?”

Her: “THE MOON!  It DERE!”

She points up and I realize she has actually caught a glimpse of it between the slats of the blinds in the window over the tub.

Me: “Wow, that is a bright moon.  What color is it?”

Her: “It WIPE!”

Me: “Want to go see it?”


Me: “No.  Want to go OUT and see it?”


So I could hardly keep up with her, but got her little butt out of the tub and wrapped in a towel, and threw on a robe.  (This is all not 20 minutes after she pooped her pants for the second night in a row, had to be wiped down, and screamed her head off.)  Took her downstairs.  Catherine was very angry to not be invited.

Carried her outside.

Her: “Where da moon?”

Me: “Behind those trees.”


We had to walk to the edge of the lawn to see the moon well from behind the trees.  I propped her up on the fence and she squealed about it for a few minutes.  Luckily, warm night.

Brought her inside.  “Daddy, I saw the MOON!  WIPE MOON!”

Alice= awesome.

Overheard in the Car

October 25, 2012

C: What’s not real?

R: Well, monsters and dinosaurs are real.

C: Rachel, no they’re not!  They’re INSTINCT!


C: I want to be stylish.  Mommy, what’s stylish?

R: Stylish is when you’re SO pretty.  You have hair and makeup.


Rachel’s Song

October 10, 2012

She’s a composer.  She’s been singing this all day long, and the beginning is always exactly the same, word for word.  The end only varies a little bit.  Catherine hates this song.


When you call someone names

You get in trouble

And that’s how you go in time out

That’s how how how

Your teacher says so that you can’t come out very long

You have 20 seconds now

When you have to go potty

You don’t come out when you pee on yourself

You just have to go really bad

You just have to go and get back in time out

Orange is the new blue

September 6, 2012

C: “Mommy, I got on blue today!”

Me: “Great job!  How?”

C: “Well, really I was on orange.”

Me: “That’s not blue.”

C: “No.”

Me: “So what happened to get you on orange?”  (This is TWO steps below green)

C: “I don’t know.  Well, I know.  I was talking when other people were talking.”

In her school planner today, I found the orange smiley face (at least it’s still smiling) and this note: “We talked about appropriate times to talk.”

I wrote the following on a piece of paper: “Shouldn’t children only speak when spoken to?  Good luck with that.  Thanks, Lindsey.”  Clipped it into the planner so Ms. Branch sees it tomorrow.

On the bright side: kindergarten for three days is WIPING her, just as I hoped.  She’s gone to bed every night at 7 and been OUT COLD.  This is the child who usually wanders out a dozen times after I put her down at 830.  Woohoo kindergarten!

I Don’t Know Either!

July 31, 2012

Alice’s favorite phrases:

  • I don’t know either!  (pronounced EE-ver)  Apparently if she doesn’t know something, everyone else must have already given up.
  • Anything about the my little ponies.  If you ask her who her favorite pony is, she’ll say, “Pinkie Pie!”  (And if you say, “Where’s Pinkie Pie?” she’ll immediately cover her eyes, then pop out grinning manically and go, “Hereshe is!”  She will also list the other ponies: Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity (she usually forgets Twilight Sparkle), and Princess Celestia.  That last one’s quite a mouthful for her.
  • Mommy/Daddy, I need to talk to you!  (“I neeta taktaya!”)  Often said to get our attention in the car.  Picked it up from her sisters.  Doesn’t really need to SAY anything, just needs us to know she needs to talk to us.

Has had impetigo a couple times recently, which really freaked me out at first- giant red bumps out of nowhere.  Doctor had us try Bacitracin on it to see if it would clear up and turns out it did.  Good thing, because now she has it in two more locations.  (Arms and legs?)  Doesn’t itch, doesn’t hurt, she doesn’t even notice it (honeybadger don’t care), but when I asked her about her boo boo today, she immediately put on a gigantically dramatic face and said, “IT HURT!”

Wants to go potty.  I put her on.  She doesn’t do anything.  Repeat ad infinitum.  I am thinking of trying to find those pullups that feel cold when wet, because she absolutely does not care how dirty or wet she is.  Likes to sit there but hasn’t done anything even by chance in months and months.

SO DAMN GOOD NATURED until you tell her to do something (like go to bed) she doesn’t want to do.  Doesn’t happen much, but man can she kick.
Still throws fewer tantrums than the average 2-year-old for sure, though.

Is ridiculous pretty with the curls and big blue eyes, and (might just be me who can tell) is starting to thin out a bit and look less toddlerlike at last.

Doesn’t give actual kisses still.  Puts her lips on your cheek and goes, “MMMMMAH!”

Currently working on dressing and undressing self.  I am SURE Rachel could do so at this age and Catherine too, and I’m sure she could if she wanted to.  She’s starting with socks and shoes and is very proud when she manages.


June 6, 2012

Me: Alice, come here, pajamas!

A: brings me pajamas, hands them to me, smiles charmingly, and walks away.

Me: No, you need to put them on.

A: Stands where she is, smiles charmingly again, giggles.

Me: Come here, Alice.

A: Doesn’t go anywhere.

Me: Now.

A: Shakes head, smiles, giggles.

Me: Okay.  You can either come here in three, or you can go to bed without them.  (It’s a warm night, she has a diaper, she’s fine.)

A: No.

Me: One, two, three…. okay.  Night night.  No jammies.


Me: Nope!  (Picks her up, carries her to daddy for a kiss, and she starts fighting.)


Me: Love you, honey, sleep tight.  (Takes her to room, puts her on bed, closes door.)

A: Screams hysterically. Continues to scream hysterically.

It’s funny.  This is actually her first full-fledged 2-year-old tantrum, and she’s over 2.5.  I can’t complain.  She’s screaming.  “I WANT JAMAS.  I WANT JAMAS.  DADDY!  DADDY!  OPEN THIS DOOR!”

I shouldn’t laugh.

Bleeping Doorknob Guard!

February 21, 2012

A learned how to open a doorknob this past weekend.  And with being able to do that, blow over a baby gate, and having a big girl bed… WHY SLEEP?

So, Sunday night, she simply didn’t go to bed.  Or really, didn’t stay there.  Up again and again and again.  We’d take her back and she’d get back up.  Didn’t want to sleep in our bed.  Didn’t want to sit quietly anywhere.  (The two big ones were flat out.)

Finally she crashed about 1230 am on the floor next to Sean’s side of the bed.

So yesterday, when Sean had the day off, he decided to nip it in the bud and went and bought a doorknob guard, like this:

Well, sort of like that, except with holes instead of squeezy parts.  An adult can put fingers through and turn the knob.  A kid cannot figure it out.  It’s sort of evil genius.  And Sean installed it right away, upon which Alice screamed for about a solid 45 minutes when being put to bed.  Then stopped for 3, then screamed for 5, then stopped for 4, then screamed for 10, and thereon.  Passed out eventually on her floor (Sean went in to check.)

It was sad but also ridiculously funny when she banged on the door yelling “open door! open door!”  Her speech still sounds indistinct if you’re not used to her, baby talk-y… but that was definitely it.  (I heard the same phrase when she didn’t want to be in the shower on Sunday morning.)

It’s all… OMG FREEDOM!  Then… HOW DARE THEY TAKE THIS FROM ME!?!?!?!?!  Then tonight… oh well.  Went to bed just fine and didn’t try to come back out.  Give it up.

Give it up?