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Things I Miss About Old Glee

November 30, 2012

Things I Miss about Glee:

1.  More Sue.  Doing stuff.  Wearing track suits.  Sue vs. Will.  Sue wackiness.  Sue’s cheerleaders doing insane stuff.  Sue with trophies.  Sue writing in her diary.

2.  Goth Tina.

3.  Lauren Zissis, generally, and specifically with Puck as a couple.

4.  Best episodes ever: The One With Britney Spears, and The One Where They All Get Drunk Repeatedly.  And the One With Lady Gaga costumes (mostly for Bad Romance).

5. Lots of Brittany saying stupid stuff.

6.  Weird couplings (in retrospect), such as Artie/Brittany, Sam/Quinn, Artie/Tina, Mercedes/Kurt, Puck/Rachel, Rachel/Blaine, and Kurt/Brittany.

7. Impromptu choir room performances.  And the nameless band.

8.  Terri Schuster.

9.  Coach Bieste having a large role not involving domestic abuse.

10.  Wacky judges at sectionals, especially season 1’s.

11.  The Warblers NOT containing evil masterminds, and just singing and dancing in a mostly innocently and somewhat gay manner.

Bonus: Things I don’t hate about this season (which are in far too small quantity):

1.  Sam.  I like doofus stripper Sam way more than early bland Sam.  I’m glad they brought him back after they got rid of him.  Also, the Sam/Brittany thing they’re working towards.  I’m just now reminded that they did kiss once in the past.  Santana no me gusto.

2.  Sarah Jessica Parker.  She’s delightful- like Carrie Bradshaw grew up and got nice.

3.  Principal Figgins.

4.  Whoopi Goldberg.  I keep waiting for her to dispense wisdom and wear a flat hat.

5.  It’s still keeping me up to date on popular music.  Without this damn show, I’d have no clue what was cool music-wise.  Still don’t know the names of any of the songs though or who sings them.

6.  Sugar and Dreadlocks Boy.  I’d rather have more of them than Boring New Girl, Mini-Puck, and Evil Bitch From Hell.

Second Bonus: Favorite Glee songs/performances ever (that I can list off the top of my head):

1.  Constant Craving

2.  Valerie

3.  Bad Romance

4.  Hand Jive (I think my favorite this season)

5.  Halo/Walking on Sunshine

5.  River Deep, Mountain High

6.  Toxic

7.  You Can’t Stop the Beat

8. My Life Would Suck Without You

9. Gives You Hell

10.  Lady is a Tramp


August 7, 2012

(Not Motherboy XXX*).

Olympic events I like which I expect to like:

  • Gymnastics, both men and women
  • The marathon.  I like distance running.
  • The swimming relay races.

Olympic events I like which I didn’t expect to:

  • The cycling road race.  The strategy fascinates me, and so do the quick repairs, the crashes, the way spectators are practically ON the course, and how they pull stuff out of their back pockets.  All this, and I don’t really care for bike riding myself.
  • Indoor volleyball.  So neat!  The big teams and how they work together.
  • Strong ladies lifting and throwing heavy things.

Olympic events I find boring:

  • Water polo.  I WANT to like it.  But it’s not watchable.
  • Fencing.  Neat in practice.  Not much to watch.
  • Any short distance racing, track or swimming.  Too many heats.
  • Beach volleyball.  Fun the first time, then it gets old.
  • Tennis.  Ordinarily I can watch a bit of it, but it’s not much in comparison to the rest of the Olympics.
  • Basketball.  Could not care less.

Olympic events I just don’t get (and maybe don’t want t0):

  • Indoor biking.  I like the word “velodrome”.  But why do they go slow sometimes?  Why have a “pace bike” for like 5 laps of an 8 lap race?  What’s up with the chase stuff?
  • Trampolining.  WTF.  In my mind, these are guys who were signed up for gymnastics, but weren’t strong enough, but loved bouncing.  Their pants are tight.  The coach holding the mat off to the side puzzled me til I saw one of them use it.
  • Table tennis.  Why do they do that little bounce the ball off the table thing before they serve?


*Speaking of Motherboy XXX, HOW ABOUT THIS?!?!?!?


Thoughts for Tuesday

July 17, 2012

Everything’s in summary form lately.  Sign of a highly scattered mind.

* C and R are visiting Grammy and Grandpa at the beach for the week.  Things are so much more peaceful and easy with only two kids in the house.  I miss them though, especially hearing them talk- the thing Joe doesn’t do at all and Alice does, but not in extended conversation format.

*Got to see an old work friend today, which was fun.  Caught up on gossip.

*I am SO ENJOYING Jem on Netflix.  BEST CARTOON EVAR.  I want to do little summaries of the episodes here and am brainstorming categories.  Am I missing any?

  • What were the Holograms up to?
  • What were the Misfits and Eric up to?
  • Did they go anywhere?
  • How do we know we’re in the 80s?
  • Did any of the non-lead Holograms or Misfits get character development?
  • Any extra special guest stars?
  • Best line?
  • Comments?

*Joe’s pulling up on stuff!  Four teeth in!  Eats everything.

*Alice suddenly got a bunch of giant bumps on the backs of her arms.  OUCH looking, but she’s not complaining.  Thankfully, we’ve got a diagnosis of “not spider bites”.  Maybe impetigo.  Maybe MRSA.  (FABULOUS).  We’ll see.  Why does this stuff happen to her?

*I ate crap tonight after being back on the wagon for a few days.  I need to get it in gear, especially since it’s not long until I’m done nursing.  A few days til my race and then a couple weeks rest off running.  Bah, but probably good for me.

*Planning R’s birthday at Chuck E Cheese.  dilemma: to do invites, I need set time and day.  But to reserve time and day at CEC, I need a number of people.

Some Varying Thoughts

July 10, 2012

1) Work was actually quasi-quiet and peaceful today.  I’m not sure what planets aligned for that but I doubt they will for another year or so.

2) I am re-watching Jem, my favorite TV show of childhood, on Netflix.  It’s truly outrageous and I am inclined to write a series of posts reviewing episodes and offering commentary.  The problem is that I usually watch it when working out and if I watch it when my husband is home, he may murder me.

3) I don’t get the whole Dr. Who thing.

4) I have cut back on pumping at work by 50% as of last week.  12 oz a day to 6, pumped in one session.  It’s a relief.  I’m making up the difference with what’s in the freezer and Costco formula.  I do not feel guilty about this.

5) Also, since Joe is getting top teeth, nursing has become more uncomfortable.  I will not be sad to be done.

6) My godson turns 3 this month!  And Rachel, of course, turns 4.

7) My new Dyson is awesome.

8) I am going to run a fantasy football league this year and need to start preparing.

9) I offered myself up for solving problems on Facebook today and enjoyed it.  I think I will do this more often.

10) Have been off the diet wagon for a couple weeks, but pulling back into it.  Hurting my foot (plantar fasciitis) didn’t help since it limited my running, but that seems to be easing up a little.

11) Sean and I are in Season 6 of Star Trek: TNG.  So entertaining.  I think I need to do some stats on it.  How many holodeck episodes?  How many mock trials?  How often do we see Guinan?  THE PEOPLE MUST KNOW!

12) I played with my sewing machine this weekend, successfully.

Excitement of the Week

June 12, 2012

1.  TV is over.  Like, OVER, man.  Everything I watch is off for the summer, or longer.  There’s no summer TV I’m watching- I missed the beginning of Next Food Network Star because Game of Thrones was on Sunday nights.  So instead I’m rewatching the X-Files, slowly.

2. Jem, my favorite childhood show, is on Netflix!  I’m watching THAT while I run in the mornings.  It includes enough music to keep me moving.

3.  I’m into my half-marathon training plan.  Excited!  More cross-training (30 day shred) and speedwork this time than last time.

4. Doing an 8K this weekend.  Was planning to run it with Alice and Joe in the stroller, but through a combination of circumstances, am going to get to run it alone.  Now I’m nervous about doing well.

5.  I have this odd blotch on my stomach that hurts more than it itches.  It is about dime to quarter sized, roughly oval (but uneven, no regular shape) and looks like it’s a number of red dots connected by red skin.  It is not blistery or flaky and it’s been around for 5 days and is not getting better or worse that I can tell.  So far I have tried Nystatin, cortisone (which does soothe the minor itch), and neosporin on it with no effect.  I happen to be on antibiotics for something else (infected ingrown toenail) so it’s probably not infected.  Maybe a bite of some sort?  Spider?  What is it, and what should I do about it?

6.  I have started trying to get J to self-feed by sitting him in the booster seat with the tray and putting the food in front of him.  Worked great for mac and cheese.  Did not work for rice.

7.  Rules for using CSA food

  • Don’t plan too much.  Just use as you think of uses.
  • Buy staples and just make things up as you go.
  • Get a few cooking techniques and use them.  I like to make things into chips and roast things.  Later this summer (when squash starts) I’ll be sauteeing and throwing over rice a lot.
  • Wash and process everything the night you get it.  Use a child.
  • Have a lot of nights where you just eat bits and pieces of what’s in the fridge to use stuff up.
  • Take the big stuff and pre-make lunches for the week with it.  Past two weeks, this has been quinoa with cabbage and tomato sauce (cooked together) and parmesan on top.
  • Own a salad spinner.
  • Save up ideas on Pinterest, but (if you’re me) nothing too complicated.  More concepts than recipes.
  • When they graduated, they weren’t at all in alphabetical order.
  • I love Gloria Estefan as Santana’s mother, and I love, “When she was 8, she was Uncle Jesse for Halloween”.
  • While I recognize Finn probably did the right thing, especially as regards joining the Army himself, wow, did he ever make a dick move.
  • Why were they all and all their parents just sort of kicking around the school the whole episode?
  • I’m glad Brittany’s staying.
  •  I like that “Music in You” song, or whatever it’s called, but I don’t know who sings it, and I think I am embarrassed about liking it and knowing they omitted the word “asses”.
  • What’s Kurt going to do?
  • I’m proud of Finn.  Mediocre student, good athlete, not into the college thing, thinks he maybe wants to be an entertainer…. if he were my son, I’d be thrilled beyond belief to see him join the armed forces.
  • Best moment of the episode was Kurt’s dad.  If you saw it, you’ll know.  But the moment he said “In the basement of our old house” I saw what was coming.  Best callback ever.  Plus, I happen to love that song and that video.

Some Good, Some Bad

April 11, 2012


  • Work is insane.  It’s stressing me out.  Just too MUCH of it.
  • Why did it get cold again?
  • The geese are back for the spring in my work parking lot.  I hate geese.
  • Dear Game of Thrones, please to stop doing awful things to babies.  Thanks.
  • I’m fretting about the daycare thing.  I haven’t been able to get ahold of the state inspector from the Dept. of Social Services.  Trying.  Don’t think it makes a difference, truthfully.  I suspect that it will be a warning and maybe a seminar for them.
  • But I’m more worried about the teacher being fired because they know this will eventually get out among the parents (not from us, but the other teachers all know, and that’s a largish group) and they know people will wonder why they didn’t.  It just sounds bad.  I’m actually wondering if they might send a letter home or something about it putting it out there so no one thinks they covered it up.
  • It’s just eating at me.  I really REALLY don’t want Miss Tracy to lose her job.
  • R has had a rough week both at school and home.  Demanding and oversensitive and prone to breaking into sobs at stupid things and not following instructions.  The F-You Fours are coming early for her.  At least C has grown out of that phase.  Thank god.
  • The house is a mess.  I’m having trouble keeping up with it.  Alice has been REALLY insane lately with throwing things around.


  • Fortunately, C has been good about helping clean, very helpful and obedient and pleasant.
  • A has gotten VERY affectionate lately and gives excellent kisses where she just careens into my face.
  • My husband is a sweetie and may be turning into me.  He ran today and is now reading Atlas Shrugged.  I may be able to hook him into reading Hunger Games.
  • I dyed my hair black and it looks ridiculous but people seem to appreciate the humor of it.
  • I dropped about five pounds.  I’m now down to a weight I haven’t seen since 1999 or 2000… as in, starting to break 125.
  • I have rediscovered sangria.  I may have to work more on this recipe.
  • Work is good as far as some things.  My paralegal is really picking up the ball on organization and putting things together for me which… thank god.
  • My parents are coming to visit, and Dad’s officially retiring!  The girls (except Alice) are going to see Mamma Mia for Mother’s Day!  Then we have Joe’s baptism and the 5K race at the end of May.  My sister will even be here too.
  • Not to get political on my public blog, but I’m pleased about Rick Santorum dropping out of the race.
  • Vegetables were good this week.  We’re eating tons of asparagus and tomorrow I’m going to feast on broccoli.  I have also been eating a lot of egg salad due to last weekend’s holiday.  Yum.

Dancing Old School

January 27, 2012

I found Season 4 reruns of Dancing With the Stars on Game Show Network tonight.  Never watched reruns of this before.  Thoughts:

Who TF is “Shandi”? WHAT is a “Shandi!”?

I totally didn’t remember Ian Ziering was on this show, much less paired with Cheryl Burke.

Apolo Anton Ohno FTW.

No wonder Karina got all insano about hot male partners after she got paired with BILLY RAY CYRUS.

Carrie Ann, Bruno, and Len have changed NOT AT ALL.

I miss Samantha Harris, big time.  She’s pregnant during this season in her pretty maternity gowns!  She’s an idiot!  She’s bizarre and awkward!  I MISS HER!

Oh yes, and in odd coincidence news, I wound this up, went to Twitter before bedtime, and saw this link at the top of my friends feed: http://aroundthenetworks.com/abcs-celebrity-cast-dancing-stars-revealed-live-tuesday-february-28-good-morning-america/

Despite the fact that I have three girls and a boy, and they have 50% lawyer genes, probably not.  I’m not having two more girls, Sean is not planning heavy plastic surgery, and we lack Armenian heritage.  (We’re really, really white.  I envy folks who can tan.)

But seriously.  While baby-feeding during the day lately, I’ve been seeing their shows on E!  I feel compelled to give commentary:

  • Khloe is the only one of the three sisters I don’t hate.  I wonder if this is because she’s a bit more unusual looking than her sisters… as a consequence she developed more personality?  Not to say a super-pretty girl can’t have personality, but Kourtney and Kim are just ugh.
  • Also, I find Khloe more attractive than either of them anyway.  I don’t dig generic pretty in a girl.  I like unusual pretty.
  • Mason has the same puzzle my parents bought A for her birthday.  It’s her favorite.  He was doing the same thing where he’d pick up a piece and go “OOOOOO!” for oval.  Mason’s cute.  He’s just A’s age as well.
  • Kris is fine.  (Cute, too).  I don’t blame him for being pissed that Kim insists he stay in New York and do party stuff.  He’s got a job and he needs to work out without insanity in the house.  She’s going on about how she wanted kids by 30…. partying all night in New York really isn’t compatible with that.  The Minnesota situation looked MUCH nicer to me.
  • Then again, I’m not a party girl.
  • Then again, even if you are a party girl, you’re 30, not 19.
  • Same goes for you, Kourtney and Scott.  Calm it down, both of you.  You have a kid!
  • Scott’s a mess.  Kourtney’s not handling it well though.
  • Where’s Rob?  I like Rob from Dancing With the Stars.  How about Rob and Khloe go take a place?  Oh right, they wouldn’t, because Khloe puts living with her husband above partying on the scale and Rob… seems more sensible than that.
  • I hope Kris gets his annulment.  Just because Kim sucks.
  • I am surprisingly impressed that they have baby gates in their swank pad.  That said, those look like fairly safe stairs, curved and everything.  A could handle those no problem.