Some important things about me (starting with the key ones you need to know to understand what’s going on in this blog):

1. I am a full-time attorney.  My practice area is not popular with the general populace and is in the media a lot these days.  I’ve been in the field about five years, though, and I really love my work, even if it gets a little overwhelming at times.

2.  I’m five years married to Sean, who I met 16 years ago the first week of college, and started dating 13 years ago just before our senior year of college.  He’s tall, he’s fun, and he makes me laugh.  He’s a right-winger and plays computer games and chases kids like I do.

(This is back when he had more hair.)

3.  Sean and I have kids.  Though I never thought of myself as the mom type, and I didn’t grow up yearning to have babies, and I never got the Mad Baby Fever, somehow I find myself (in this day and age!) with three daughters, and expecting a son.  It just turned out to be easier and more fun than I thought it could be.

4.  Our kids are at daycare (a center, which has a preschool program) while we work.  I’m okay with this.  Actually, I’m great with this.

5.  C is four and a half, has a lot of long hair, and loves all things princess, pink, and sparkly.  She talks a lot, is good at school, and is still a good napper.

6.  R is three and stands out visually as the blonde in the bunch.  She was a tricky baby who grew into an agreeable and sweet kid.  We call her Tinkerbell.  She’s good at doing things with her hands and figuring things out.

7.  A is approaching two.  I find one to be a tough age because of the hyper and the energy level, so it’s good that she’s ridiculously happy and cute and adorable.  She doesn’t talk much yet but has a lot of personality.

8.  I’m due in November with The Boy, who we’ve nicknamed Pascal (after Rapunzel’s lizard pet).  He didn’t come about because we were “trying for a boy”, and I’m still moderately terrified of having a boy because to be truthful, I really have zero interest in trains and trucks.  He’s not named yet, and even if he were, I wouldn’t tell.  I am somewhat comforted in this by the fact that Sean and I have a two-year-old godson who is just awesome.

9.  As far as parenting goes, I’m of the “roll with it and do what’s easy” school.  My kids watch TV, listen to grown-up music, and are allowed to eat just about everything (but they’re picky.  Yay for toddlers.)  I expect them to entertain themselves and one another.  I don’t do purposeful enrichment activities at home (that’s what school is for) or worry too much about when they talk or read… they’ll get around to it.  I expect them to figure things out and do things for themselves as much as possible (this is almost necessary when you work and have three kids), and I like to involve them in most things we do- shopping, cooking, house projects, cleaning- so they can learn by doing.  Of course we do the whole “you’re an adorable princess” thing, but they’re not spoiled, and we also talk a lot about being a tough girl and doing things for ourselves. We’re working a lot on acting like a lady and following directions.

10.  I don’t get much of a life outside work and my family.  Time limits.  I’m okay with that, especially while they’re little.  I socialize on the internet.  I like movies and TV and sports.  I love doing projects and organizing around the house (though my energy is low these days, my nesting instinct is high).  Before I got pregnant, I started running, and ran my first race (an 8K) the week I found out I was pregnant.  (Then my doctor told me to knock it off per preterm contractions, so now I’m resting, but plan to start again after Pascal comes.)

I hate being barefoot.  I like pretty shoes.  I dread late pregnancy much worse than I dread childbirth.  I can eat my own weight in Mexican or Italian food.  This blog is here so I can ramble.  Mostly about my kids.


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